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How do I order? Tell me step by step.

1. Choose your preferred item and click ADD TO CART Button. Upon clicking it, the cart on the side will pop-up, in which you will see the item(s) you added.

2. On the floating side cart, there is a link VIEW CART and CHECKOUT. If you wish to view the items you ordered, click VIEW CART, but if you are already done shopping, click CHECKOUT.

3. Now, you will be prompted to the Checkout Page, which consists of this parts: 

  • Checkout Options

In checkout options, there are two ways to checkout. First is Guest Checkout, which will consider you as guest. Next is the Register Account, which you will receive certain discounts, promos and coupons that you can take advantage in our store. Alternately, if you are a returning customer, you can log-in instead.

  • Account/Billing Details

​Here, you will be prompted to input your details (First Name, Last Name, etc.). If you are registering an account, there will be an additional password field to be filled out.

  • Delivery Details

​This is where you will input the details of the person/individual you want to send the order to.

  • Shipping/Delivery Method

​In here, you will see our Flat Shipping Rate charge(for more shipping information check here) and you will be promted to enter a delivery date. If you want to include a card, you can enter the message here as well.

  • Payment Method

​From here you will be prompted to choose the Payment you will be using. We have two options, Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Paypal and Offline Payment. We already have a direct checkout for 2Checkout gateway. 

  • Confirm Order

​Finally, this is where you can see your order summary. Click the CONFIRM button to have a successful checkout!

4. After confirming your order, you will be prompted to the success page. You can now relax and wait for our confirmation email. You can click CONTINUE to return to the home page.

How do I pay?

Online Payment (Credit cards, debit cards) : If you place order online, payment must be using your credit card. We accept all major credit cards and also debit cards which has Visa or Master Card etc Logo on it. We also accept PAYPAL payments. Order by phone also available.
Offline payment (Western union, cashier's check, money transfer, Xoom, Moneygram etc): We also accept offline payments. Please click here to see the details on offline payments

How do I know if my order was successful?

If your order is successful, you will see a page which will tell you "Order Successful" and you will also receive an email. if you don't see any page which is telling Order Successful meaning your order did not successful and you will need to re order.

How long it takes time to process my order?

Next day delivery is possible within Metro Manila, if you place order before 10:00 AM (Philippine time). Order received after 10:00 AM,will be delivered other day unless delivery date is specified.

Order received before 12:00 noon (Philippine time), next day delivery is guaranteed unless delivery date is specified.. Otherwise, it will deliver after 1 day.

It is always recommended to place an order in advance.

I have no credit card, can I still order?

Sure, you can. Please click here to see details:

How will I know if recipient received my items or not?

You will receive a confirmation email and you can also check track here: TRACK

Can I order over the phone?

Unfortunately no. We don't accept order over the phone due to security reason. Ordering thru net is always faster, reliable and secured 100%. We use 128 bit SSL secured site.

I can't order & getting error message, what should I do?

Please check first what is the exact error message you are receiving. Here are some solutions:

a. Are you receiving a message telling : There are no items in your shopping cart. Click Here to continue.? 
Possible Solution:

1. Open internet explorer browser window.
2. Click Tools menu then click Internet options
3. Then click Privacy tab and make sure your security level set have to LOW or Accept All Cookies.

b. Is it telling invalid card number or deny or not honored etc message?
Possible solution:

Please make sure you have enough balance of your account to make the purchase or your bank allow to buy items internet. If needed please call your card company 24 hours hotline and consult. If everything seems fine but you are still experiencing problem, we suggest you make offline payment  program or order by phone Call 632-743-9417 | 632-313 6000 | 632-313 8000 Phone(USA): +1 (213) 984 1222.

How do I order more than 1 item to a single address?

Click ADD TO CART of your preferred item(s).

If I order today, can you also deliver today?

Yes, Same day delivery possible for Metro Manila only, if you place order before 10:00 AM (Philippine time). Order received after 10:00 AM, will be delivered next day unless delivery date is specified.

Order received before 12:00 noon (Philippine time), next day delivery is guaranteed unless delivery date is specified.. Otherwise, it will deliver after 1 day.

I want to order today but I want it to deliver a specific date, how?

Its possible. At the last step of your order, you will be prompted for delivery date, greetings message for gift card etc. There you can specify your preferred delivery date.

Can I include my greetings with gifts?

Yes, last step of your order, you will be prompted for greetings message for gift card. Write you short greetings message there.

Do I need to register to your site before purchase any item?

Not at all. You can purchase as a guest or as register as our valued customer. 

I can't find the item I'm looking for? Can you help me?

Sure! Simply fill up this form or send us email and write your desired item information, we will gladly prepare it for you.

I want to keep confidential name as sender? How?

You can do that. During place your order you will be prompted for comments/special instruction box. Simply write your instruction there so we can be guided accordingly.

I'm receiving "Invalid Phone Number" error message and can't place an order. What I shall I do?

Make sure your phone number is at least 8 characters. Telephone number should contain area code and phone number. Never put any space or write any special character like hyphen (-) or parentheses () or any characters aside from numbers in the field of Telephone number.

I want to customize my order? How do I do it?

Please fill up this form or email us- details of your preferred customize order so we can prepare it for you.

Explain "Shipping Information", is it the address of recipient?

Yes. Shipping information is the information of your recipient in the Philippines and Billing information is your own information in your country.

I'm located abroad, can I order to your site?

Definitely. Our most of the customers are from abroad. you can use our site from anywhere in the world.

I'm currently in Philippines, can I order to your site?

Sure. You can use our service even if you are in the Philippines.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver almost all the places within Philippines. Our delivery is nationwide but if the area is far from proper town, in some cases our courier cannot deliver but in that case your recipient needs to pick up the item from nearest LBC, DHL, FEDEX etc courier outlet. If you are doubt about destination or if you think your destination might not covered by our courier then please email us- or fill up this form first, before make any purchase.

How much is shipping charge?

Metro Manila: Flat delivery charge for Metro Manila is USD 9.99

Next day delivery possible within Metro Manila if you place order before 10:00 AM (Philippine time). Order received after 10:00 AM, will be delivered after 1 day unless delivery date is specified. Next day delivery is not possible during peak season like Valentines, Father's day, Mother's day, Christmas, New year, etc. If no delivery date is specified, delivery will be in regular schedule by our dispatch department.

Provinces: Charge for provincial delivery is USD 9.99 for up to 5 kilos of total weight of your grocery items. For each succeeding kilo, we have additional charge of $2.00. System will charge flat $9.95 upon checkout however if the order is more than 5 kilos, we will send an email shortly with additional shipping fee link. We do not deliver raw, wet type of items to provinces unless it is canned item.

If I order more than 1 item, how much my shipping charge will be?

Shipping charge is flat for Metro Manila. Meaning if you purchase 1 item or several items, the shipping fee is same. Its only once. For provincial delivery, its by weight.

What time do you deliver usually?

Grocery delivery is between 8 AM to 8 PM.

How do you ship?

For Metro manila delivery we deliver by our own delivery personnel with our own vehicle. For Provincial deliver, we deliver mostly by LBC, DHL, FEDEX etc.

Do you ship rural areas?

Yes, we do. If the remote areas are too far from proper town, our courier may not reach your destination. In some cases recipient needs to pick up the item from nearest courier office. If your delivery area is too far from proper town, please email us- or fill up this form first, before make any purchase.

Do you deliver Saturdays & Sundays?

Yes, we deliver 7 days a week. But if your destination is a province, take note some provincial couriers don't deliver Sundays. We always suggest that you specify your delivery date Saturdays or Mondays for provincial delivery to avoid any delays.

Can you provide me proof of delivery of my delivery?

Sure! Proof of delivery (POD) is available upon request. Please allow at least 2 weeks in order to prepare POD from your destination courier.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards. Visa, Master card, American Express card, Discover, JCB, Diners club, Carte Blanche etc. We also accept PAYPAL. Order by phone is also available.
We also accept following offline payments :

a. Express money transfer
b. Western union money transfer
c. Bank transfer (Telegraphic Transfer/Wire Transfer or any)
d. Cashier's check (Thru FedEx, DHL)
e. Xoom
f. MoneyGram
g. Or any available bank/money transfer.

Can I send money through Western Union?

Sure, please see here:

Can I send money by bank transfer?

Sure, please see here:

Is it safe to use my credit card to your site?

Our payment processor is one of the largest credit card processor company in
the world. Its who is member of VISA, Master card, AMEX and other gateways. Its also member of BBB and ETA.

We use highest security system 128 bit SSL. Neither us nor 2CheckOut record your card information. When you enter your card # and information, its directly goes to the banking gateway for verification thus we have no information of your card. 

Moreover we are accepting credit cards almost 5 years and never get a single complaint from clients. Its secure, its reliable, its fast and honest. Take note we also accept offline payments like bank transfer, western union etc.

What credit cards so you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. Visa, Master card, American Express card, Discover, JCB, Diners club.

What will appear in my credit card statement?

2CO*PhilGrocer com will appear on your card statement.

Who do I contact for help?

Customer service associate. Call 632-743-9417 | 632-313 6000 | 632-313 8000. Or you can send email to or you can simply fill up this form.

What are the policies for returns, refunds & cancellation of orders?

See here details: Shipping/ Disclaimer/ Refund-Return Information

Guarantees and liabilities, Disclaimer.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. We always do our best to make our all items same as  picture shown on this website. All items featured on this Web site represent the types of gifts PhilGrocer.COM offers and may vary depending upon availability. Substitutions may be necessary to ensure your arrangement or specialty gift is delivered in a timely manner. The utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. Gifts may be substituted with another specialty gift of equal or greater value and of similar theme and category if your requested gift is not available. Flowers may substitute with another color if requested color is not available. Basket, vase, bears, chocolate packets may vary and subject to substitute with size, color, shape, brand etc when original (shown our website) is not available in our stock. Take note we deliver almost all the places within Philippines but If the delivery address is far from our courier office (For provincial delivery)   or not covered for delivery, recipient needs to pick up the item from our advised courier office. Recipient or buyer will be notified the advisory. Shipping charge still require whether its pick up or delivery since we ship item to your nearer courier office. Exact time of delivery may not possible since none of the couriers commit  it. But delivery possible within the day as you specified. Further, you may request for morning or after noon, evening delivery time. is not liable for any delayed delivery or non-delivery any items with or without any reason. In no event shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, or any damages whatsoever.  If customer not satisfied with item for any reason, item may be replaced if recipient can send back the item as delivered within 3 working days, but cannot be refunded. Take note, listed products in our website from different merchants. If you ordered different merchants items, delivery maybe in different time but within your specified date. But in some cases we can deliver all together even you choose different merchant products, please send us request for it. 
Delivery time guarantee will be suspended during extreme weather such as typhoon, heavy rain etc. Incomplete shipping address might cause delay delivery! If your recipient's address is incorrect, item will not be delivered and no refund will be made. reserves the rights to cancel orders at any time. Content on this site is copyrighted including text, images, logos, design.

How do I advertise at

Call +632-743-9417 | 632-313 6000 | 632-313 8000 Or you can send email to or you can simply fill up this formPhone (USA): +1 (213) 984 1222

I want a special item which is not listed at your site, can you prepare it for me?

Surely we can prepare for you without any additional charge. Please send email to or you can simply fill up this form.

I want to sell some of my invented items, how do I become a merchant of

Merchants are always welcome. Please email us your product details and request for meeting. Call +632-743-9417 | 632-313 6000 | 632-313 8000 Or you can send email to or you can simply fill up this formPhone (USA): +1 (213) 984 1222

Do you offer catering service? Do you arrange special program or occasion?

Yes. We cater any kind of program. Please send us email with details of your requirements or ideas. send email to or you can simply fill up this form.